Thursday, January 22, 2015

An Evening's Work

I've waited much of the evening for Internet to come back on. It's one of those strange evenings when Dave is gone and things go wrong (albeit a very small thing in the big scheme of life). It doesn't surprise me anymore when that happens.

So how did I occupy myself for part of this evening?

I moved a wood pile! I heard we've got snow in the forecast for the foreseeable future and I really don't like to dig wood out of the snow to have it to keep our fireplace going.

At first I was just going to bring in some wood so it would be dry for the morning (the forecast says it will come in the night). But then I thought " Why not just move the whole pile onto our covered porch?" And thus began the move!

After an hour of carrying wood, I'm ready to call it a night! But I'll be thanking myself in the morning (or whenever it starts to snow) when I have dry wood and don't have to go digging it out!

Hoping this posts using Internet from my phone. If not, it will wait until morning!