Saturday, January 10, 2015

Life is Still Interesting

After a long flight, made even longer by headwinds going from Munich to Chicago, these three finally arrived back there safe and sound late yesterday afternoon.

Today they stopped by to see Tyler at Intellegentsia on the way back to campus at Moody where Claire lives. Makes me happy to know they're all in the same city again. Hopefully they'll get to see Lara soon too!

Meanwhile back at home....

Christmas 2014 is all put away now! It's like a puzzle, fitting everything back into boxes and tubs. I'm always so glad to get it out when December rolls around, and always ready to put it away afterward.

It sure was fun, pretty, magical, and meaningful while it lasted!

Dave and I didn't make it out last night for a date night, but did tonight after all my cleaning was done, and he'd finished prep for his sermon at church tomorrow. So nice to let someone else cook on a day like that!

A certain little somebody was awfully guilty when we got back home tonight though.

What's a girl to do when mom forgets to empty the trash? Help her out, of course!

Oh my! Life is still interesting around here, even though our kids are gone.

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  1. She just wanted to remind you that you still have a kid! Hahahaha. :D Wish I could hear Dad's sermon tomorrow!