Monday, January 5, 2015

Dog Days of Winter

You know what dog days are, right? Those last sultry days of summer when you've had enough of the hot temperatures and are starting to dream about fall coolness?

Well, we're not in those kind of dog days, but we ARE having our own sort here.

These are the dog days of winter!

While Dan, Laura and Jacob Hash are in Prague for two days, we're taking care of their labradoodle, Zoe.

She's not quite sure what to think of being left here for the first time, and is trying to find a spot that's comfy.

I could not stop laughing when Claire pointed her out in Kaylee's little bed this afternoon!!!! And her own big bed is right there for her!!!

But at least these two have come to terms with each other, and finally ended up in the same spot tonight where they were last night with their "mamas"! HA HA!

In the meantime, while the dogs are lounging, snow is starting to pile up outside and I'm lovin' it!!

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