Tuesday, January 20, 2015

It's Caleb's Birthday Today

Happy 22nd Birthday to our Caleb today!!!

There are so many different qualities, characteristics and gifts in Caleb that I love and value. So I went hunting for old photos this afternoon to illustrate some of those! These are for you Caleb, the things I treasure in you.

Fun - Wherever you are Caleb, you make it fun for everyone around you. Whether that's camping in Croatia, or at home for an evening with the family - it's always a lot of fun when you're there!

Adventurous - Ever since you were a little boy, you've had an adventurous heart and soul, and are never afraid to venture out into the unknown. Love that about you!

Hard-working - You are not only hard-working, but you like to work. That's a great man quality and characteristic!

Dare-devil (but with enough safety to keep your mom happy!) - Yes, I love this part of you. It's resulted in some great stories, memories and character building!

Great perspective - not only do you have awesome artistic perspective, but also great perspective on so many other things in life. I trust your opinion and value it.

Persevering - you have had a lot of tough knocks in life, from a broken leg when you were a baby, to a lot harder physical challenges later on. But you just keep persevering through it!

Tough - speaking of tough, you ARE tough!! All of your life experiences have built a toughness into that makes you who you are today...strong, capable, able, hearty. All really great qualities about you!

And why did I use this next picture to illustrate that? You had just started 1st grade and left the second day of school for a ten day outdoor camp with your class. Little did we know that you broke your arm a few days into the camp and no one told us until you got back home! They said you were really tough about it and didn't ask to call home. Not only are you tough, but brave too!

Understand suffering - days, weeks, months and years, you have endured suffering. Yet it's tempered you and developed some other incredible qualities in you: compassion, tender-heartedness, and an ability to endure hard times and hard things.

Persistant - You never give up, like the time you taught yourself to ride a bike! I remember coming outside and finding you going down (falling down!) the driveway time after time after time until you could do it stay upright. Look at your face there! That's the face of persistence.

Love your dad - I think it's so awesome that you have such a good relationship with your dad!

Close to your siblings - it brings me so much joy to see you in close relationship with them, enjoying time together and valuing them even today.

Deep appreciation for Tyler - it was not always easy between you two, but you made it through those years and into today when you're best friends. I praise God for that!

Great caretaker of your little sister - you were always her protector and playmate, the one who made her laugh and took care of her when she was crying. I love that you're still there for her today!

Inventive - how many things do you think you built in our garage over the years?? You're so creative and like to come up with new things...love that about you!

Know how to make people happy and get them to laugh and smile - what a good trait this is in you! And you know this is one of my all time favorite pictures of you because it captures that trait so well!

You love your mom! I'm sure glad you do, and I love you back like crazy!!

You're a great husband! It's so special to watch how all of these character qualities and gifts have matured in you and made you the husband you are today: one who loves, cares for, treasures, provides for and cherishes your Haley. I love seeing you as a married man!

Hope you have an awesome birthday today Caleb!! I'm thinking of you, and praising God for the gift that you are to us!!

The beginning of your super hero powers! :) LOVE YOU!


  1. What a beautiful and fitting tribute to a young man we all love. You got me all teary this morning as I read it. Such a sweet gift of words to your son!

  2. That is like a stroll down memory lane. Each picture of Caleb has such fun memories of the age and stages of his life. I would imagine he had a wonderful birthday this year as his first as a married man!