Saturday, January 3, 2015

New Years on Hvar

New Year's Day dawned bright, sunny, and a tad bit warmer than the previous days of unusual freezing temperatures on Hvar.

We took a walk up above the village where we stayed, just to take in the magnificence of what God created here. I could sit up there and look at those colors all day long!

We all loved not having to be quite so bundled up as the temperature rose a bit after having been below freezing, with icy winds, the previous days.

Finally the ripening oranges on the trees look appropriate!

Over in Hvar town the wind was still blowing its icy blast, but the crisp air and bright sun made for glorious views as we walked the "riva" with barely anyone in sight. It's crazy to think how full this place is in summer, with multi-million dollar yachts moored in the same place as these little fishing boats, and the cobblestones full of people from all nations.

I think I prefer it on a day like this, despite how cold it is!

In the sharp sunshine, the colors just popped and dazzled your eyes.

While Caleb and Haley took a walk through town, Dave, Claire and I headed over to our favorite cafe on the square.

Claire decided to brave it outside, to sit with her tea while soaking in this favorite spot. But Dave and I took to the warmth inside as we drank our Croatian "bijela kava" and enjoyed the view from Cafe Pjaca.

As the sun set on New Year's day, we took one last look at the square.

Then drove back to the village to spend the evening together before heading home. So thankful to have enjoyed these restful days with our family in one of our favorite places.


  1. Can we go back??! Soooo perfect.

  2. I LOVE your pictures and can hardly wait until I get to see this place in person WITH YOU! Thanks for letting me walk vicariously with you through Hvar! Loves!