Sunday, January 18, 2015

Happy Birthday Dear Katka

Our dear, precious, wonderful, beloved, treasured, and adored Katka celebrated her birthday tonight with a fun party at Imrvere, the best hang-out restaurant in Frýdlant!

We first met her when she was fifteen. She came to an English camp with our youth group in Havířov and later put her faith in Jesus.

After finishing high school, going to college in Czech, then Bible school in Pennsylvania, she came on staff with JV ten years ago and has been an invaluable part of our family and team all these years.

Somehow twenty years have now passed and this very precious woman of God is deeply woven into our lives in so very many ways. She is truly daughter, friend, sister and fellow sojourner in our walks with Christ and we love her to pieces!!!

What a joy to celebrate this beautiful woman who means the world to us!

Happy Birthday dearest Katka!!!! We love you SOOOO much!!!!

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