Friday, January 2, 2015

The Long Hike Home

You've already been hiking for a few hours. You're tired. It's getting dark and you have to turn around and go back to where you started.

The sun's gone down so it's cold now. A big dog is following you and won't leave you alone.

You're hungry and thirsty and don't have anything with you.

What do you do??

If you're Kaylee, you climb in Caleb's backpack!

Oh how we were all giggling as he carried her back to the place where we're staying, and she never moved a muscle the whole entire ride back.

That is one relieved dog!

Someday I'm going to recreate this photo when there's a little person (aka: grandchild) in a backpack made for children! :)

It sure made for a fun new "backwards photo" with my dear ones!