Thursday, January 15, 2015

New Life

With glorious sunshine pouring in my window this morning, I prayed for and thought about a new little life that's coming into our lives any day now.

Our dear friends who live in the apartment above our garage are expecting a baby girl within the next two weeks and we're all so excited about her arrival to join her dad, mom and two brothers who live just steps away from our kitchen door!

In anticipation of her birth, her mom and I set aside time to pray together today for her safe arrival and the life that is in front of her. What a privilege to seek the Lord on this little girl's behalf, praying as He led us.

While we prayed for specific things in the near future like the timing of her birth (her mom would prefer it be during the day rather than in the middle of the night!) and a smooth delivery, we also prayed Scripture over her, prayed for her future, and acknowledged God as her Creator, the one giving her new life. It was such a sweet time of prayer for her.

Soon this little one will make her passage into the world, into the arms of her mommy and daddy who will love and care for her, and into the lives of her big brothers who will watch over and protect her. They will begin a new chapter in their family, sure to be filled with delight and joy as this darling girl joins them.

And we'll all be amazed once again at the miracle of new life as we rejoice over this precious girl, a gift from the Lord.


  1. So sweet. Can't believe the time is so close! Will be praying as well. And Connie, your pictures are beautiful! It looks like spring there...and makes me miss home : )