Thursday, January 29, 2015

Leadership Academy and Creme Brûlée

Two hundred and fourteen young leaders are all up at Malenovice right now.

Packed into the hotel, they fill the downstairs meeting room for the main meetings, as well as an upstairs video venue. It's a full house, but we like that!

It's so exciting to see these emerging young leaders taking part in our JV Leadership Academy this week.

Our team is hard at work leading them in how to work in teams, and giving them opportunities to grow as they each attend specific learning tracks for skills that will make them more effective in ministry.

Terry, our Fusion International Director, spoke tonight on how to pass on what you know by directing, coaching, supporting and delegating. It was super practical, interactive and memorable. I know he wants nothing more than having people actually do something with what he taught, which I think they will!

After the evening session tonight they opened up a round of what we call "Creme Brûlée". Started a few years ago at a fall conference, these are the "dessert on top", extra sessions which are meant to be fun and more discussion oriented. Tonight's topics ranged from how to do latte art, to preparing for a marathon!

They also asked me to lead a Creme Brûlée on prayer, a topic I'm passionate about.

I gave them three secrets to an effective prayer life, and enjoyed the time of interaction with them so much. They were a great group to talk with!

For the last part of our time together, I had them put into practice the secrets (I'll have to write a separate post on that some day) and was so delighted to pray for them as they prayed.

This is a powerful week of input for these young leaders. I'm praying it will bring about transformation in their lives, as well as in the ministries they are a part of across Central and Eastern Europe.


  1. I would love to hear about the three secrets!

    1. Thanks Kay Lynn! It's on my list and in my heart to post on that soon!