Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Where's Dave Today?

I could've taken a photo of Dave in his office where he was hard at work today.

But this one is way more fun!

Part of Dave's work today was in preparation for the next two and a half days, so I want to ask you to be praying for him.

Late this afternoon he headed up to Malenovice, our training center, where he'll be teaching many of the KAM staff (our Czech JV organization) until Friday afternoon. He's excited about it, as always, and feels the spiritual pressure, as always, too. He takes the responsibility to teach spiritual matters very seriously.

With hours of teaching ahead of him, as well as conversations with people, please pray for:
  • Spirit empowered teaching
  • Wisdom and connection in conversations
  • Transformation in the lives of those participating
He has another set of teaching next week as well, so while you're at it you can pray the same things for that time as well! Your prayers means the world to both of us.

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