Sunday, January 25, 2015

Finally Winter

When I woke up yesterday, I quickly looked out the window to see if it had snowed like the weather forecast said it would.

I was disappointed when that's all I saw at 8 AM. And even at noon, there wasn't much more.

But this morning, I had my reward!

I've always wanted to take those kinds of pictures to see the progression!

It's been snowing all day, and still is this evening. Now I'm especially glad I moved the wood pile on Friday.

From there to here! It's sure a lot nicer to get wood when it's not covered in snow.

When it snows this much it means I shovel a path around the house for our little doggie so she can go outside. She wouldn't make it very far in even that relatively small snow accumulation!

She hasn't actually been very interested in going out (I don't blame her) so she and I are tucked away inside this evening, staying warm by the fire and eating homemade tomato soup (try this recipe by Pioneer Woman - it's delicious!) and a toasted cheese sandwich with some incredible cheddar my brother-in-law Josh gave to me when we were in Slovenia a few weeks ago. Aw, the simple pleasures in life.

And by the way...Kaylee and I are both staying warm by the fire but I'm the only one eating the soup and sandwich, though she certainly wishes she was!

Dave is gone until late Tuesday night, spending a few days with his long time friend and mentor who will be the speaker at next week's Leadership Academy up at Malenovice. If the snow sticks around, or keeps going, he'll be surprised to see the change when he returns.

We've finally got winter!

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