Monday, December 19, 2016

Flying Back

With itineraries that took us from Chicago to Boston, then on to Frankfurt before our last flight to the final destination, these dark skies greeted us at 5:30 this morning in Frankfurt.

Seven hour layovers tend to be a bit brutal when it's the middle of the night for your body. Dave found a "cozy" little spot to catch a few zzzzzz's in the Lufthansa lounge where we at least had the privilege of waiting out our layover.

Finally it was time for our last flight of the day.

I interrupt this story to share a photo from three and a half years ago.

This was taken in Split, Croatia at the airport where Claire was flying out with her brother and sister-in-law to Chicago to begin her college years at Moody Bible Institute. Dave and I were in Croatia at the time, on our sabbatical, thus she flew out of here.

And as life would have it, she got to fly back in here today!

How could three and a half years already have gone by?

Thanks to credits that Moody accepted from Claire's Czech high school, she was able to finish a semester early, thus graduate with her bachelor's degree and return with us to Croatia where we're celebrating Christmas.

Wouldn't you know, Santa is here too! 😉

Warm from memories of our time in Chicago, but oh so very tired from a long day of flights, we headed down to the old town section in Split while we waited for a ferry. Dave and I tried to take the sleigh, but it didn't seem to be working today.

By this time we'd been up for 32 hours, minus a few hours of uncomfortable sleep on the plane and in the airport. I'm glad I took a picture to remember how pretty Split was this evening. My brain wasn't working too well by then.

We all seriously felt like we were going to fall over by that time.

Though feeling really sleepy, Claire still looks cute!

We finally said goodbye to Split and headed for the ferry to take us to our beloved Hvar.

Our beds never felt so good as they did when we finally crawled in!

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  1. Ha! I actually love that one of you and dad in the sleigh! Thanks for being good traveling's been a while since I flew with others!