Wednesday, December 28, 2016

All Work and No Play...

I'll be super honest.

I'm writing this blog post at 2:30 in the morning. Why? Because while it looks like we're just hanging around finding cool things to see and do here on Hvar, in reality I'm spending most of my days working on the finishing touches of the Josiah Venture Prayer Room.

I just finished an 8 hour stretch tonight. Getting to blog was my "reward" for work!

If you haven't read or heard about JV's virtual Prayer Room, GO HERE!!! I'd much rather you read about that than anything else. And even more so, that you sign up to PRAY!!

But you know the saying ... "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy" (who said that anyway??!!) so here is today's "play" to keep me from getting dull.

There's a road nearby that is, what some might say, off the beaten track. Let's just say you probably shouldn't go on this road unless you've got good tires and even better clearance underneath. Oh, and maybe nerves of steel. It's a bit "rough".

But oh so worth it!

That's Scedro Island out there past Dave and Claire, a mostly uninhabited island that we've boated to numerous times.

With a bura blowing (that's the infamous north wind around here), you can see much farther than usual so the view was even more spectacular.

But that's not what we came up here to see.

Dave knew about a little chapel up the beaten path, so that's where we were headed. Can you see it way up there??

The view got even better as we began to climb with the car.

You could see Zavala down below, another town on the south side of Hvar.

Is that spectacular or what??!!

But in order to reach the little chapel, we had to go further on up, which meant being right on the edge of the mountain.

I knew it was safe, but I'll admit, it WAS a little freaky driving along there!

The farther up we went, the better the views kept getting. We'd just been on that road that you see twisting and turning down there!

Finally we could go no further by car, so got out to walk to the chapel.

By this time the bura was blowing so hard and cold! It's crazy how fast the weather changed from just a few days ago when we were in warm sunshine.

But the reward of the bura?


And this!!

We snapped pictures as quickly as we could, all the while feeling like our fingers were going to fall off because they were so frozen. That kind of cold is hard to describe!

Believe me, we were saying to Dave, "HURRY UP AND TAKE THE PICTURE" when he took this one!

I quickly ran over to the chapel to see what was inside. Couldn't believe it! I don't know who has the key, but someone has put a lot of things in there over time.

We climbed up a little further just to get one last good view.

And Dave said he thinks he could see Italy through the binoculars! That's never happened before.

One last photo of the three of us, to document that we really were up there, and then we scurried back to the car.

But I'll tell you, we couldn't stop exclaiming all the way home about the magnificence of God's creation from up there! I'd like to see it on a warm day sometime, but maybe the view was even better because of the wind and cold!

Alright. I've had my reward. I got to blog about our little outing!

I'm off to bed now. Will have another day of work tomorrow to finalize everything in the Prayer Room before we go live at midnight on Saturday night, New Year's Eve! Hopefully there will be a little play tomorrow too to help me cross the finish line, and keep me from being dull!

I am LOVING this Prayer Room project, even if it's taking literally thousands of hours to prepare.


  1. You're doing great, Mom! Thanks for working so hard on this!

  2. I have sure been enjoying the tour of the island that you have taken us on!

  3. Oh my goodness! That view and that little chapel are spectacular! And if YOU were nervous on those gravel roads, can you imagine if I was with you? I don't think I could have done it, do you? I'm proud of you for making it to the top so you could see the beautiful view, the chapel, and ITALY!!! And I'm celebrating the soon-to-be-birth of your website. So proud of you....