Sunday, December 11, 2016

Next Best Thing

Rushing home from a friend's house, I quickly snapped this photo as I thought about what was taking place in another church far away this evening.

Remember when I wrote about Ostrava Zpívá Gospel last week? Well tonight they had their last Christmas performance back home in Czech. Thankfully they were streaming it "live" on Facebook for all who couldn't be there.

I told my dear friend and JV teammate, Amy, who was one of the soloists, that I'd be watching and dancing with her when she sang the opening song, "Joy to the World" (Whitney Houston style!). As she brilliantly sang with all of the beautiful talent God's given her, I was singing and dancing along while finishing the last of dinner prep here in Croatia.

In the meantime, Kaylee hopes I'll accidentally drop something. 😂

As soon as I could, I rushed to my computer and sat there for the next two hours, loving every moment of the fabulous concert they choir and band gave.

Somehow felt like I was back in the old days when a favorite program was on TV that I didn't want to miss!

Put together by JV missionary Terry English, the international director of JV's Fusion ministry, he led a mesmerizing two hour concert of lively, touching and memorable Gospel songs for a sold out crowd in Ostrava.

It was everything you want in a concert: good songs, great atmosphere, excellent performers and touching moments.

But the best was when Terry shared his own testimony of how Jesus changed his life as a teenager. With many in the crowd, and in the band and choir, who don't yet know Him, I prayed that this was a seed of faith planted in their hearts, and that at sometime in their life, they too will come to know the Lord as their Savior.

While it would have been best to be at the concert in person, this was the next best thing! I am so proud of Terry and all of our JV teammates who took part in this incredible outreach into the city of Ostrava.

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