Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Arriving By Catamaran

Earlier this afternoon I got a phone call that told me to be at the catamaran ferry in Hvar Town at 5:30 this evening.

Claire and I wandered through town, heading out to the riva where we expected to see the ferry.

I will admit, I was a bit skeptical about it coming since it was ten minutes from arrival time and there was no sign of it. Or any sign of people waiting.

The view from the riva was sure pretty though!

Claire and I were just about to leave and walk over to the Christmas booths in town when I saw a bright light heading towards the dock. We stopped to watch.

Sure enough, it was the ferry, and you could see it was loaded with people!

Still feeling a bit skeptical about what was supposed to be onboard, we waited for them to dock.

They brought the gangplank down...

...and people begin to unload.

After every person had gotten off, I showed a piece of paper to the man standing at the gangplank. With a look of recognition, he headed back onto the boat.

And then came back pulling something with his hands. Any guesses what it was?

My suitcase from the United States!

When we landed in Split two days ago, my bag was missing. Upon making an inquiry, we found out it hadn't ever left Chicago. No telling why, but they said it was due to make its flight across the ocean and be delivered to ferry!

I am pretty amazed that it actually arrived. It sure had a long journey! Thankful to finally have my things again.

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