Friday, December 9, 2016

When God Interrupted: The JV Prayer Room

Nearly a year ago, God whispered ever so quietly to my soul, "It's not enough."

I was up at Malenovice, our training center, for a 3 day 24-hour prayer chain sponsored by KAM, our Czech JV partner organization. After an hour and a half in our prayer room located in Malenka, our newest lodge at Malenovice, I was nearly ready to finish up my time. Then God interrupted.

"It's not enough," I sensed him say to my spirit. But what wasn't enough? My prayers? The time I'd spent there? What I was doing with my life?

After a few minutes of listening to him I knew what wasn't enough.

Three days of prayer.

With that on my heart, I finished praying and went home at midnight. The next morning I sat with Dave over breakfast and shared my heart, that I wished we had a way to cover the ministry of JV in prayer 365 days a year, instead of just three.

That conversation opened the door to something I NEVER could have imagined.

Over the course of this past year, literally thousands of hours, by a huge, wonderful, talented team of people, have gone into creating the JV Prayer Room, an online 24-hour a day website where you can come in and pray for the staff and ministries of Josiah Venture.

It is our heart's desire and prayer that we would fill all 8760 hours this year with your prayers, from around the world, not leaving even one hour without prayer.

Can you imagine what God could do in the lives of young people in Central and Eastern Europe if they were prayed for every hour of the day for a year??

One of our inspirations for the Prayer Room comes from the Moravian movement of prayer that began in 1727. Please go HERE to read the amazing story of a ONE HUNDRED YEAR unbroken prayer chain for missions!

This is only the beginning. I believe we have yet to see what God can do through the prayers of his people, and that this will unleash new and exciting opportunities like never before for the Gospel of Jesus Christ to go forth in the places where we're ministering.

While we're designating 2017 as JV's year of prayer, we have no intention of stopping this concerted effort to come before God with our worship, confessions, thanksgiving and requests. We hope it goes on for many, many years!

Will you join us this year for the JV prayer watch??

You can sign up here for your hour of prayer!

The Prayer Room - Josiah Venture from Josiah Venture on Vimeo.

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