Sunday, December 4, 2016

Finishing in Vienna

Morning arrived especially early today for mom, dad and I.

Though it was just my dad blinking, thus having his eyes closed in the picture, it's appropriate for how sleepy we all felt since we'd already been up several hours in preparation for their departure from Czech today.

But after an easy three hour train ride together, we'd all perked up!

I brought them to Vienna for our last day of their trip, since they're flying out of here tomorrow.

We trained from Czech together, arrived into the main station, took another train out to the airport hotel so they could check in and leave their things, and then were on another train headed back into the city for the day!

In all the years we've lived here, and all the years they've been coming to visit, we've never gone to see Vienna. Not sure how that happened, but today was the day to amend that mistake!

After a subway ride from the main train station, we popped out at St. Stephen's square, to see the magnificent church built between 1137 and 1147. Yes, you read that right! It's 879 years old.

We then began wandering the streets of Vienna, enjoying the rich architecture and fun Christmas decorations.

The great thing about visiting Vienna right now is the cheery Christmas markets throughout the city. The one by St. Stephens made a great place to pick up a yummy lunch of their typical bratwurst and hot gluhwein!

But that wasn't the market that I wanted them to see.

We set off for a walk through the city in search of the one that has been a favorite of our family through the years. After a few detours because of 1. getting lost, 2. seeing other markets, and 3. stopping for coffee, we finally made it to the best Christmas market of all!

The "Wiener Christkindlmarkt am Rathaus" is definitely a special one. Located at the magnificent town hall (Rathaus), it's loaded with atmosphere and delight.

For more info on the Vienna Christmas markets see HERE!

I was so happy to share the festive, happy atmosphere of this market with my dad and mom!

Given that it was a Sunday, there were LOTS of other people there enjoying the same atmosphere.

We tried on hats...

Enjoyed Viennese pastries...

And enjoyed wandering through all the different stalls with their beautiful wares on display.

The temperature, which hadn't been very high to begin with, began to fall as the sun set, making it pretty chilly. But my parents were troopers at enjoying it all.

Feeling a bit frozen, we took one last selfie in the market before heading back to the train station.

And enjoyed one last view of the rathaus in the setting sun.

My dad says that Vienna is now one of his most favorite cities that he's visited. Which is saying a lot since he's been to many! Even though I might have worn them out with trying to see so much in one day, he really was glad we came even though he looks so tired here!

After a quick dinner at the train station, it was time for them to take the train out to their hotel at the airport, and for me to take the train back home to Czech.

Because goodbyes are never fun, we waited till the last minute and then hugged and kissed goodbye before they got on their train first.

I'm so thankful they came to share life with me for these three weeks. They have been incredibly sacrificial all these years, willingly and trustingly giving up their daughter and family to live a long ways from them.

While we haven't lived everyday life together for a long time, we've made some spectacular memories through the years when they've come to visit. They are incredible parents who love their kids and grandkids well, and do all they can to support and encourage us.

Thank you for another wonderful time together, Dad and Mom! I love you, am so thankful for you and blessed by all you do for me!!


  1. A great ending for a great time! It was also so good to see them!

  2. This post made me quite teary. So sweet and so true about your folks! I hope your dad bought that hat! It really suits him!