Monday, December 26, 2016

The Adventurous Ones

"Hey Dad, I think we should go today," said Claire this morning.

It didn't take any convincing for her dad to say yes. So off we went a few hours later, headed down here.

It's not summer temperatures here on Hvar, but with water and air the same temp (60° F/15.5° C), it's pleasant.

But pleasant enough for this? Apparently so, according to these two. 😊

Through the years Dave has nurtured an adventurous spirit in Claire, and that was brilliantly displayed today as they went swimming in the sea on this December afternoon.

While I have my adventurous moments (after all, I AM married to Dave!), today Kaylee and I were content to be on the beach and document their fun!

The funniest part of their adventure? Dave was in and out three different times because of the cold sea water, while Claire stayed in the entire time!

They both said that eventually their bodies adjusted to the water temperature, and they used words like "refreshing" and "invigorating" to describe their experience this afternoon!

They didn't seem to be in any rush to get out, spending quite a while in the water.

In this protected cove on the south side of the island, just down from the village where we're staying, it was as pleasant of a December day as you could ever have here.

I loved watching them have such fun together, making a special memory all of their own.

And I loved being the one to document it!

We finished out the afternoon adventure by going down to the iconic tree here in Sveta Nedjelja for another dad/daughter photo to remember today by!


  1. Of course you know I LOVE seeing all these pictures and being able to envision this place in my heart and mind's eye!!! LOVE YOU and Happy-Day-After-Christmas. GO GLAIRE!