Friday, December 30, 2016

Back to the Fortress

There are days when it's fun to find new treasures of beauty on Hvar. And then there are days when it's comforting to go back to the familiar places you love.

Like the overlook from the fortress in Hvar Town at sunset.

We raced there hoping to catch a good sunset, and we did! Every one is so different, and that's the fun of sunsets.

Well, and seeing them with people you love! 😊

After admiring God's one-of-a-kind handiwork, Dave took off for the hardware store and Claire and I wandered down into town, passing through the walls of the fortress.

It was first built in the 16th century, with reconstruction happening in the 17th century after lightning struck and ignited gunpowder stored in the fortress. Yikes! It's amazing it still exists after that happened!

We kept wandering down towards town, enjoying all the little sights, sounds and smells of town.

These small cobblestoned streets are sure quiet these days.

With only one hotel and one restaurant open in Hvar town, there's definitely more of a local feeling this time of year.

And we like that! We can take photos and wander around to our heart's content, almost without ever seeing anyone!

We met up with Dave later on and went to our favorite (and the only one open!) restaurant for dinner. Dave said it was my reward for having worked so many hours this past week on the Prayer Room. But he's worked hard too on various projects, as has Claire. So really it was a reward for all of us!

I wished I'd taken a picture in the restaurant...of our friend the waiter bustling around, of the American couple visiting from Boston who sat with us because there was no other space, of the local men talking and laughing loudly. It was a such a cozy time all being packed inside because it was too cold for anyone to be outside!

Walking back to the car, I took one last glance into the main square before telling it goodbye until next time.

Then  hurried to catch up to these two!

What a special time this has been, spending days together working, reading, cooking, laughing, exploring, hiking, reflecting and enjoying each other.

I'm so thankful for this time with Dave and Claire!

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