Friday, May 5, 2017

Who Rents Out a Whole Circus?

Who rents out a whole circus???

We do! For JV family day at our Spring Conference!!

Every year we set aside one afternoon to just play and enjoy being together as the JV family. Sometimes that's at the zoo, sometimes it's a sport's day at Malenovice, sometimes it's a carnival that we create for ourselves....we've done so many different things I can't even remember them all!

But this year, it was taking everyone...yes all 280 of the circus!

They let our friend, Bogdan, put on a ringmaster outfit and be the emcee/translator for the circus, which is in Czech!

Our gals who serve us on the administration team, called around and found a circus that was willing to have a special showing just for us.

It's a small family circus, perhaps something like what existed 50-60 years ago in the United States, when circuses traveled from small town to small town.

You have tightrope walkers, fire jugglers, and oh so much more.

Our JV family, and especially the kids, love it!

The circus has some animals, but it's just half the show.

We did see a monkey walking a tightrope, goats rolling barrels, horses prancing, and camels...well, walking around!

The end of the show was filled with some pretty impressive acrobatics!

And each act was cheered for and greatly appreciated by our enthusiastic group!

I've been taking my kids to the circus here for as long as I can remember, and I still enjoy it, all these years later!

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