Monday, May 8, 2017

The JV Kid Miracle

While our adult JV staff at this year's spring conference studied Psalm 23 under Dave's teaching, our school age kids spent countless hours in their own program.

A program that was nothing short of a miracle.

For fourteen years, we've had the same team from Scottsdale Bible Church in Arizona bring a team to care for our JV Kids, ages 0-3. You can't imagine what a blessing this team is, to come back year after year, JUST to take care of our little ones!

But finding people to lead a program for our school aged kids is an ongoing journey of faith. Every year, Amy Ellenwood works tirelessly to find a team who will not only provide something fun for our kids, but who will also invest in them spiritually as well. It's not an easy task.

This year Amy had three teams who committed and/or considered coming, only to have each one of them fall through or cancel. And as of the end of March, we still didn't have a team to care for our 50+ school age kids. That's a big deal!

She prayed, we all prayed, and an emergency request went into the JV Prayer Room. And within two weeks, God provided!

Years ago a woman who ran CYT (Christian Youth Theatre) in Washington state, brought a team to put on a production with our JV kids. She was beloved from the moment she began teaching our kids the songs, the dances, and the lines...not to mention, including devotions as well.

While she hasn't been able to return for a number of years now, she has helped us immensely through the years by directing a few others our way who could do the same thing.

And this year, at the last minute, she brought together another team, and even provided a script she'd written!

Three young women from Vancouver, Washington, bravely showed up at JV conference knowing nothing about us or our kids.

But they came ready to serve us, and SERVE THEY DID!!

Within three and a half days, they amazingly led, shepherded and prepped our JV kids so that they were able to put on a full performance for us on Sunday morning!!

I'm not kidding...I had tears in my eyes as I watched those kids sing as if they'd been singing those songs for months, do choreography as if it's something they do all the time, and listened to every kid nail their lines as if they were pros! It was truly a sight to behold, watching our JVK share such a fun, happy and memorable performance.

I don't know how Amy found words to thank these three young women for giving so wholeheartedly to our kids! We had all witnessed such a miracle!

"Brenna, Lindsey and Anne - how we thank the Lord for you! Your willingness to drop everything in your, work and who knows what come and bless our JV family will never be forgotten. YOU were the answers to our prayers!"

These three are very beloved by our JV kids and families!

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