Thursday, May 18, 2017

Trip to the Coast

If at all possible when in the State of Oregon, my heart's desire is to get over to the Oregon Coast!

Growing up here, we lived just an hour away from the beach. It was not unusual for my family to jump in the car and "run" over to the coast for a few hours on a week-end or a summer day. I love that my parents were that spontaneous, and made the Oregon Coast a special place for my brother and I!

So today, in honor of a long-standing tradition, we did the same thing.

Today's route took us to Florence, to stop at our favorite coffee shop, and then on to Newport! Nye Beach has become a regular stop for us!

Whether or not it's windy, cold and rainy...or pleasant, warm and sunshiny...we walk the beach!

It was such an unusually nice day, we could've walked for hours! There is nothing like the smells, sounds and feel of walking here.

Tradition always takes us to the wharf of Newport as well.

If you've never seen the Oregon sea lions, it's a "must see"! They are the strangest, funniest and loudest animals! I wish you could hear their "roar" and see them fighting for a spot on the platform!

Not only did I get to grow up going here, but my kids have as well. My parents always made it a priority when we brought them from Czech. So they love it now too!

And it's always more fun when Uncle Mike joins us! He's the best uncle around!!

One final stop always has to be the Newport candy store! Salt water taffy, caramel corn, chocolates or any number of their offerings hits the spot, and brings out the best in us!!

It was, as always, a wonderful day at the beach with my family, happily reminiscing, soaking in the familiar and beloved sights, as well as making new memories.

"Thank you for yet another trip to the coast, mom and dad!"

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