Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Finishing up in the States

These past weeks in the States have been such rich and special ones.

But you know how you feel after something that is so extraordinary is done? A little let down.

That's how I feel today. There's that twinge of sadness that it's all "over".

Which of course we know is not true! Only the events are over...but the relationships and calling of God go on forever! It's at times like this, on a day like today, that I find myself looking forward to heaven, when we'll have all the time (well...will we even call it time since it will never end??) we want to be with the people that we love.

We said goodbye to Claire last night, as she headed back to Chicago to continue on her support raising journey. We'll see her again in just a few weeks when we return for JV board meeting. But it was honestly still sad to say goodbye to the very extraordinary time we just spent together.

For that reason, I was sure glad I had Dave with me today!

We treated ourselves to some special coffee downtown Indy at a place called "Coat Check". I'm telling you, those coffees are not your ordinary coffees!

A twist of orange peel oil through a flame, along with a bit of butterscotch flavoring in a latte? Yes please!

We picked up boxes of our books today that had been shipped to us in order to take them back across the ocean. Have I said how much I love Dave's packing ability??

And his playfulness?! Seriously, he can pack anything and make it fun!

We'll be on our way back home to Czech tomorrow, with extremely fond memories of how God met us and showed his love to us in such a myriad of ways!

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