Monday, May 22, 2017

A Feast of Goodness

Yesterday afternoon Claire and I traveled to Milwaukie, Oregon for a special performance.

A friend of ours is the executive director for Journey Theater Arts Group. This is a place where youth are encouraged and inspired to grow into and embrace who God designed them to be by expressing their talents and honing skills in theater, voice, dance...and probably even more that I don't know about!

Kristi leads this professional-level youth and community theater throughout the Portland-Vancouver metropolitan area, and was having the final performance of their current show, "High School Musical 2".

We've known Kristi for nearly ten years, ever since she came to serve our JV Kids at two spring conferences. But it was something entirely new to see her world firsthand, and experience the excellence she inspires in the kids she works with. What a fantastic show they put on! And how fun to tell her in person what a good job she and they did!

In a twist of "fate", not only did we get to see Kristi, but ran into a former JV team member and her daughter!

Amy and her family served in Slovenia for many years! They didn't know Kristi, but knew a cast member and were there to support her and her family. I'm still in shock that the Lord gave us that sweet reunion in the most unlikely place.

Today we met up with Kristi again, along with another friend, Lori, who came out to serve our JV Kids the second year that Kristi came to do a theater production with them. What joy to have brunch together and tell each other stories of God's goodness over the years.

This trip has been a feast of relational goodness, as we've been able to connect with so many from years past who share our love for the JV family!

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