Saturday, May 27, 2017

Airport Love

Claire and I had one last sweet meeting this morning.

At the Portland airport!

Shauna served with Josiah Venture in Slovenia, and now lives here in Portland. What better place for us traveling girls to meet up than at an airport?! Shauna not only served on our JV team, but also as one of the counselors at JV Kid's camp, so she and Claire both share that love of JV Kids! It was great to hear Claire share her vision for JVK, and for Shauna to affirm her in that.

All too soon it was time for Claire and I to head for our gate, which happened to have one last piece of the old PDX carpet. If you don't know what I'm talking about, go HERE and you'll understand!

Claire and I settled in for a long day of travel, through San Francisco and on our way to Indianapolis.

We were both sad to leave the beautiful Pacific Northwest!

After a nice, uneventful flight (I love those kinds), we landed in Indy...on the very week-end of the Indianapolis 500, though that's not why we're here.

Not only did we land, but we found someone else in the airport who had just landed.

Landing within five minutes of each other, we were happy to hug Dave who had just flown in from Prague.

We're back together here in Indianapolis to celebrate a very special wedding.

More on that to come!

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