Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Glory Bee

My brother, Mike, works at one of the coolest places in Eugene!

Glory Bee began here in a family garage in 1975. For over 40 years now, they've been supplying honey, sweeteners, spices, dried fruits, nuts, oils, and bee-keeping equipment to places all over the nation.

I love that my brother has become an expert in all things concerning bees and honey. And that he works somewhere that we get to do honey tastings!

If you've never tried a variety of honeys all at the same time, you can't quite appreciate HOW DIVERSE honey can taste!!

Mike's job is mostly on the bee-keeping side of the business, so he knows A LOT about that subject. It was so fun listening to him explain things that I know absolutely nothing about. Hopefully I'm a little smarter on the subject now that my brother has shared his expertise!

After enjoying this part of the tour, he invited Claire and I back later on.

To put on bee-keeping suits and help him out!

Mike needed to check some of the hives that are nearly ready to go to customers. So Claire and I suited up to go help him.

Well...sort of. Notice we didn't get the memo that you're supposed to wear proper foot gear as well as the suits!

Mike is a good sport though, and told us we'd probably be okay.

After all, what's a little bee sting?

Notice how he protects himself from any bee stings!

In all seriousness, it was absolutely THE COOLEST to watch him handle the bees, and tell us more about them. They are truly one of God's amazing creations!

As he checked the hives, I took notes for him on whether or not the hive was ready for pick up by the customers.

All from a safe distance!

I loved watching my brother do his job, and listen to his passion for the bees!

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