Friday, May 19, 2017

Oregon Friends

One of the sweetest parts of being on this trip with Claire as she shares her vision and passion for JV Kids, is getting to connect with friends who have lived on mission with us in Central and Eastern Europe.

Meet dear Anna, and her sweet daughter.

Anna served on our team in Slovenia many years ago, discipling young women and being part of our JV Kid care team at summer camp. Back in the day, she was actually Claire's camp counselor for several years! And any time there was a JV event, Anna would check into "her" girls, the same-age group of JV girls who were Claire's age at that time.

She had a significant impact on Claire's life then, and has continued to be available to her, even while Claire's been in college. Oh the sweet privilege of being in her home yesterday, being ministered to by her deep faith and tender love for her family. While we didn't get to see her husband, we were so blessed and ministered to by time with her and her daughter.

Next, meet Lauree!

Lauree served with JV for five years, stepping out in faith to live on mission with us and begin the development of our communication's team ten years ago. She's been gone five years (how is that long already??!) but seeing her yesterday was as if no time at all had passed.

How good of the Lord to give us kindred spirits to reconnect with!

And then, there's Michelle!

I met Michelle thirty eight years ago, as a teenager (don't spend too much time adding up those numbers! HA).

She was the first one to disciple me, the one who prayed me into my first summer of ministry, and the one who foresaw that I'd marry Dave! Needless to say, she's my very treasured best friend.

Not only that, but she has prayed me through years on the mission field, while she has served here in Oregon in such a variety of ways that it's hard to even keep track of! She's a woman of many gifts and talents, and uses them so well to the glory of God.

She's been Claire's adopted aunt all these years, so it's a joy to be back here with Claire to enjoy the sweetness, impact and great love of her friendship.

How I thank the Lord for these precious friends.

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