Thursday, May 4, 2017

The Best of Spring Conference Days

What to do when you forget to take photos at JV Spring conference??

Take screenshots of videos that are being live-streamed by our Communications team, for staff who can't be here this week!

Sorry they're not super quality...but at least you get the feel of sitting in our tent while listening to Dave speak on Psalm 23.

Everything is SO rich this year, including Dave's teaching, that all I want to do is soak in every minute with my JV teammates, and process all that we're learning. That's why I forgot to get pictures today.

Brian, our VP of operations and my partner in creating the Prayer Room, talked this afternoon about the stats in the first four months of its creation, which are so encouraging (will share those another time), as well as talked about new sections and upgrades that are coming soon.

I got to share my heart again for this project, answers to prayer, posts on the reflection wall, and tips for how we as JV staff can do an even better job at communicating our prayer requests. We hope to make it easy so you know how to pray for us!

We used to pack our days at conferences with sessions morning, afternoon and night. But a few years ago we made a change and now give the whole evening off so people can connect. It's the best!

My sister-in-law happened to be sitting across from me, talking with someone else, and took this! :) 

Dave had gone home earlier, but I had my car at the hotel so was planning to head home at 9.

That is...until I saw these fun people down at Malenka, our dining facility in the lower section of Malenovice.

Suddenly it was two hours later, with much laughter and enjoyment with these dear ones!

And so goes these days at spring conference. So full, so nourishing, so precious!

I really, really love our JV family!

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