Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Before-Conference Visitors

We're a day away from our JV Spring Conference beginning here at Malenovice.

That means lots of things: meaningful connection with the JV team, learning from Psalm 23 as Dave teaches, sweet conversations over the next five days, exciting reports about what God's doing, vibrant times of worship, and....

Seeing family!

My sister-in-law is here early from Slovenia as her husband, Josh (Dave's brother) came for JV Council meetings with Dave and all the rest of our country leaders. That means getting to see her, my niece and nephew!

Someone else is happy to see them too. 😉

During our sabbatical four years ago, they 'oh so kindly' took care of Kaylee for nearly a year. She has a very long people memory, and still claims them as family too!

We had a great afternoon of catching up all together, as well as celebrating upcoming birthdays!

For sixteen years we've had the privilege of having them (along with their other two children who are now at college, Blake and Becca) serve with us in JV. That means there's an automatic guarantee of seeing them several times a year. I'm utterly thankful for that!

As we talked and laughed during the afternoon, I marveled at God's kindness to bring family here all those years ago to do life with us.

I dearly love this Patty family of mine!

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