Sunday, May 21, 2017

Pure Joy at Laurelwood

In May 1984, I stood in front of my home church in Vancouver, Washington being commissioned and prayed for as a summer missionary. I was 22 years old.

Who would have EVER guessed that thirty three years later, my daughter, also aged 22, would be in this same church sharing about her upcoming ministry??!!

No, I truly didn't see that one coming. But oh praise the Lord, HE DID!

Claire and I had the joy and privilege of standing together on the platform at Laurelwood Baptist Church, as she shared a bit about what God's placed on her heart in coming back to serve with us in Josiah Venture, reaching the next generation of young Josiah's, our JV Kids!

Oh my mama heart just about burst open! How I loved hearing her share her heart for the Lord, her calling, passion and vision. And she was doing it in the very place where I once shared my heart, calling, passion and vision for God's work in the world!

This church has faithfully prayed for our family for over thirty years, and I'm so glad they get to see this tangible fruit of their prayers.

Not only have they prayed, but they've come to minister to us through the years. These two, along with a whole team from Laurelwood, were JUST with us a few weeks ago, at Malenovice, working on our new children's play area!

And this is not the first time they've come! Many have come to serve and care for us, including the pastor and his wife (sorry you weren't in the photo Susan!).

Some have even served on staff with us, though not in Josiah Venture, but in our earlier days with Malachi in Germany. Oh how I love this lady!

Gwen and I were at Laurelwood as teenagers, through our college years, before I left to go onto the mission field. Even though I only see her every few years, it is like no time has passed when we're together again!

Our dear Jim and Jan, adopted grandparents of our kids, and once pastor and pastor's wife at Laurelwood, came as they always do, to love on us, and bring support and encouragement.

"Thank you Jim and Jan for loving me all these years, and our kids too!"

It was an extraordinary day, to be with this dear body of believers who have been my church home for nearly forty years. I'm so incredibly grateful and honored to still be prayed for, cared for, thought of, supported by and ministered to after all these years.

And now to bring my daughter in, full circle, to be loved on today too...that's pure joy!

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