Monday, May 15, 2017

The Joy of Lucy Rose

On the outside chance that a friend just might be at work, Claire and I dropped by a favorite store in Wheaton this afternoon.

And sure enough, our dear Lucy Rose was there!

Lucy Rose's family moved to the Czech Republic thirteen years ago, to serve at BMA, the high school our kids attended in Frydlant.

Claire and Lucy Rose went to elementary school together, and then continued on with their friendship during high school years, even though Claire went to BMA (where LR's dad was her teacher) and Lucy Rose attended one in Ostrava.

Graduating the same year from high school, they both left for college in...Chicago! But while Claire was downtown at Moody, Lucy Rose was out at Wheaton College...where she met her husband! Last summer we had the joy of being at her wedding. And now today, we had the joy of seeing her at Mariano's.

And I had the joy of a smoothie made just for me, Auntie Connie, by my dear adopted niece, Lucy Rose! What a sweet little treat to get to see her today.

From there, it was a quick pack-up and drive to the airport where we said goodbye to Dave.

He flew back to Czech today, while Claire and I flew to Oregon!

We'll be here for nearly two weeks, as Claire meets with people to share about her upcoming ministry with the JV Kids. I'm full of joy to get to share these days with her!

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  1. So fun that you got to see Lucy while you were in town!