Saturday, May 6, 2017

Standing in Faith

In 1998, God miraculously opened the door for Josiah Venture to buy Hotel Malenovice.

It's been "home" to the movement of God that's been taking place across Central and Eastern Europe ever since, for nearly 20 years now.

But we are out of space. We can no longer use the meeting room at the hotel as we have too many people - a good problem to have! So our kid's program takes place there, while our adult meetings take place in the tent that we bought three years ago.

This too is quickly running out of space though, especially when it's time for fall conference with our national leaders. There will be nearly three times as many people in the tent when that time comes.

So we prayed about that today.

We are at 66% of the way in our fundraising, which amounts to $3.5 million dollars, with $2 million still left to go. But that's not actually where we're stuck (though we're still praying for those funds!). Permissions, permits and agreements from the neighbors are holding up this process right now.

We know God's timing is perfect! Never late, and never early. So we continue to stand in faith for this project, believing God will lead us down the path towards its completion in his perfect timing.

Please pray with us for this key project that will allow God's movement to grow in this region of the world.

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  1. Can't wait to see how God "solves" this one! Praying he blows us away in ways we couldn't have even expected.