Sunday, May 14, 2017

With My Girl on Mother's Day

It's been four years since I've had the joy of being with one of my kids on Mother's Day. How sweet to share this one with Claire today.

This morning we worshipped with one of our supporting churches in the Chicago area, which had this cute spot for moms and kids to take a photo. How could I resist?!

Since we accidentally left a credit card at a restaurant downtown Chicago yesterday, we headed back down there to have a Mother's Day brunch (and of course pick up the missing card).

A car ride on Mother's Day? Just right for me since I actually love a drive!

Claire had kindly tracked down my favorite kind of place, a local diner that had space for three, right in the front, by the big window, with a view out to the neighborhood! So perfect for my Mother's Day celebration today.

But of course, best of all...being with one of the ones who MADE me a mom!

Will probably keep this selfie on my phone for a long time!!

I'm so grateful for the privilege of being a mom, and thankful to have such sweet relationships with my three by birth, and my two by marriage! They all provide much of the color, fragrance, and beauty that make up my life!

Love you Tyler, Lara, Caleb, Haley and Claire!

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