Sunday, October 29, 2017

Charlie's Special Event

A few weeks ago Caleb sent a message to confirm the days we would be in Fort Collins to see them. When I replied with the date, he told me that of the two days we'd be there, Sunday was the day of baby dedications at their church.

Who would have ever imagined we would get to part of this special day? I love how the Lord arranges those things!

The pledges that Mountain View Community Church has them commit to were precious.

And it was very meaningful for our whole family to come up and stand with them while they were prayed over.

Do you see who else got to be there for this event?! Dave's mom, dad and sister from Denver!

And Haley's brother, Ian was part of this special event as well!

Dave and I are so delighted by God's work in our kids' lives ... "...(we) have no greater joy than to hear that (our) children are walking in the truth! 3 John 1:4

And how thrilled we are to see them loving each other well, and delighting in their own son!

And what a gift to have some of Charlie's great-grandparents there for his dedication!

 Oh and Charlie got to meet his great-aunty Joyce for the first time that day too!

"Thank you Lord for letting family be together for such a special event!"

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  1. Oh my, it brings a tear to my eye to see Dick and Margaret there along with all the rest of the family. We love Charlie and his Mom and Dad so much!