Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Sharing Hvar

I'm in "pinch me" mode right now. My brother is here on Hvar with me and we're having our first ever brother-sister vacation together!

Just a year and three days apart from each other, we grew up almost like twins. Even though I'm older, I don't ever remember not having my brother around!

But after we went our separate ways to college, and then God called me to missions in Europe, we've only been with each other now and then...and always with other people around.

So this is an extraordinary few days that we get to spend here just with each other, in a place that I love and am so glad to share!

We took a walk this morning to see our little village of Sveta Nedjela.

I've decided that October is my new favorite month to be here. WOW. It is really beautiful. Seriously thankful for such gorgeous weather and lovely views.

Along the way we met up with someone from the village who invited us to the market for something to drink. Although my friend Marijana works at the market, there's never been room for me to sit at the table (it's always full of the local people). So today was special, getting an invitation to sit there! Glad my brother got to experience that.

We wandered down to the marina, where there are still boats coming in to have lunch at the restaurant.

It will only be open a few more days and then will close until next summer. That's how it rolls here on the island! Six months of tourist season, and six months to live their own lives.

Of course you can't come here and not go down to the famous tree! It's the symbol for the village and for the award-winning wine that is produced here, Zlatan Otok.

Since we only have a few days while he's here, we had to move on to Hvar town in the afternoon for more sight-seeing...wouldn't want him to miss all the important spots.

In all the years we've been coming here, I'm kind of embarrassed to say that I've never actually gone IN to the fortress that overlooks the town. But today, we changed that!

While I've been up to the lookout, I never paid the price to go inside. Oh was it worth it!

Sorry for blocking you a little bit with my wind-blown hair, Mike!

We could have stayed up there at the fortress much longer, but you know...you've got to see as much as possible when on Hvar! So we headed down into town, stopping to sit on benches now and then to soak in the beauty of a sun-drenched afternoon in October.

With tourist season almost at its close, it's quieter in town, but still absolutely and fantastically beautiful!

As Mike said many a time, "You just can't take a bad picture here!"

When Dave and I stopped by Hvar town in August on our vacation, it was packed...and I mean PACKED...with tourists. Yes, I know that technically I'm considered a tourist...but I don't consider myself one after coming here so often! So it felt nice to have the town back to normal today, with just a few people here and there as we wandered around enjoying our afternoon.

I love everything about our full life of ministry in Czech, and around the world. But this place brings me such rest in my soul for the few days I get to be here, which then fuels me for all that's ahead.

I am so very thankful to the Lord for his creation here, and for how it nourishes me time and time again.

And I sure love sharing it all with my brother this week!


  1. Oh, that is really great! Enjoy time together... Weather looks amazing there!

  2. We are so happy for you both to have had this wonderful vacation together in your beloved Hvar. How well we remember our time there with you last year in this incredibly beautiful place. What wonderful memories you are making with each other. Love you both! Mom and Dad