Sunday, October 8, 2017

For My Claire

Twenty three years ago today, this little treasure of a girl made me a mom of a daughter!

Claire's first birthday, in the Czech Republic

And she's been delighting us ever since!

Claire, you've had such a sweet spirit, given to you by the Lord, since you were very young. How many times that quick smile cheered me up!

Even when you began to experience hardships and trials, the Lord kept working in your heart to lead you in joy.

Whether you were dealing with eye patches, surgeries, or long illnesses, you could always find something to smile about.

And I loved that you were the one to complete our family! What a sweet spirit you added to all of us!

You've endured some tough things through the years, but in the same way as when you were young, you've had faith that Jesus was with you. And that faith has seen you through a lot.

As you now are about to head into a new season of life (as a JV missionary to the JV Kids!! That is still just so cool!), I know without a shadow of a doubt that the Lord will continue to use that joy in Him to bring joy to others...whether that's kids, parents, teammates or people you meet along the way.

Your pure heart of love for him, as well as your love for others, shines through so clearly and is a blessing...and will continue to be a blessing as you do it for and with the Lord.

Happy Birthday to you dear Claire! I love you, I'm delighted by who you are, and I'm so excited that you get to move back to Czech soon!!!

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