Saturday, October 14, 2017

Joy in Work

As with any house, there is always work to be done. It's no different at our house here on Hvar.

While we have people who care for it and guests during the summer months when it's a vacation rental home, we take care of it the rest of the year. Each of the four families who are partners does their share to make sure it's in good shape throughout the year.

So there is never a time we're down here that we aren't working on something. And this time, it happens to be my turn to trim everything, including the lavender.

The weather must have been good for growing this summer as it was much more of a jungle than I expected. But if you have to trim something, lavender and rosemary, among other plants, are incredibly pleasant to work with!

I've spent two days outside working on the grounds and it's been a little bit of heaven! Warm sunshine, cool air, pleasant smells, all the while singing and praying to my heart's content. I can hardly think of anything better to do in a day!

My brother accidentally left his bluetooth remote and tripod, but that meant I could get a few pictures to remember the joy of working these days!

When this job comes up again next year I'll definitely say, "Pick me, pick me!!" There's something so satisfying about doing work that has a pleasant reward while you're doing it, and afterward.

Bushes, flowers and trees are all trimmed and ready for the next guests to arrive!

Hope they enjoy it here as much as I did!

I'm off to the ferry tomorrow morning, then on to the airport where I'll start my travels towards the States. What sweet memories I'll take with me of my time on Hvar this fall.

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  1. You accomplished an amazing amount of work!

    Great use of the selfie tripod.