Saturday, October 28, 2017

Enjoying Charlie

In the midst of all the other places we've been and people we've seen, God carved out a little window for us to come see this fellow!

This is Charlie, son of Caleb and Haley! Born in August, he is now two months old and growing like crazy. It felt so good to hold him again after not seeing him for six weeks.

But honestly, the best part is watching Caleb and Haley as parents!

They are loving and caring for Charlie in the sweetest, most caring way!

Is there anything better than watching your son make HIS son smile?!!!

This little fellow has such a dear disposition, happy and satisfied, with a gleam in his eye as he connects with you!

And when he fell asleep on me for an hour, I couldn't have been happier! How we delight in him!

You might have taken note of something in one of the photos above...something rather large and orange!

That is a 180 pound pumpkin from Grandpa Patty's garden in Denver! He brought it up to Caleb and Haley last week, and Dave helped him carry it in the house so they could enjoy it for a long time.

Given the gardening gifts of the Patty's, it was fitting to get a three generation picture of Dave, Caleb and Charlie in front of it!

Oh how good it is to be here, enjoying Caleb, Haley and our dear Charlie!

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