Monday, October 30, 2017

Preschool Halloween Party

I don't know if anyone else misses when I post on my blog, but I DO!

This past week has been an all out sprint, as Dave and I have been on many airplanes, on three college campuses, in people's homes, out for meals with others, at two churches, and with our family.

I promise (mostly to myself!) that I'll go back and blog about those things because there were so many times I saw the Lord "show up" and I don't want to forget those times. **I've now caught up HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE!**

But for now, I'm just blogging about today!

If the last post you read of mine was on Saturday, October 21st (right now, that's the last time I posted which is nearly a record for me...sadly, of NOT posting), you saw Claire in that post.

Well, we said goodbye to her that day and have been on the go for the past nine days. But today, we met up with her again in Jackson, Wyoming!

While Dave had meetings with our dear friends here who are pioneering an incredible classical Christian school, Claire and I had a different place to be.

We had the fun of joining our sweet little friend, Sarah, at her preschool Halloween party!

Claire has never been in a preschool in the States so it was yet another new experience to gather before she makes her move back to Czech! What a fun time we had having preschooler snacks and activities with Sarah.

The teachers had put together fun stations with different activities for the kids to choose from. The three of us spent the most time at the sticker and card station. There is just something about putting stickers on a piece of paper to your heart's content, making it into a fun Halloween card, that makes it a good day!

While my kids had different kinds of neat programs and fun parties at their preschool in Czech many years ago, it was just great to experience one here in the States today!

We'll be here all week, loving on our dear friends and their kids, and sharing in life together for these days.

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