Sunday, October 15, 2017

In Traveling Mode

Since I knew today would be a long travel day, I woke up early as a good start to it, enjoying the beautiful sunrise on Hvar this morning.

Then it was off to my many modes of transportation today....first a car.

Then a ferry!

Next was a plane out of Split, which gave me a spectacular view over the Adriatic!

The two land masses that look like they're connecting are Trogir and the island of Ciovo. Split is in the distance.

Plane number one today whisked me off to another country.

First stop? Belgrade, Serbia! My first time ever to land at this airport (though I've traveled through the city before).

For my fourth mode of transportation today, I took a bus between the plane and the terminal here in Belgrade, and then another one to catch my next flight.

Last mode of transportation for the day? My own legs, walking across the street from the Prague airport!

It's strange to be here in the capital city of the country I live in, but only spending the night at the airport. But since I couldn't get a direct flight out of Split to the States (well...I could have, it just would have cost more!), I flew into Prague tonight in order to be here for my flight to Chicago tomorrow morning.

And so begins three weeks of travel, with many more wonderful adventures ahead!

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