Monday, October 16, 2017

Unexpected Overnight

After a long day of travel yesterday, I woke up to a pretty day in Prague this morning, excited about seeing Dave later on.

The plan was that he would fly to Munich from Bucharest, Romania where he's been speaking at a youth conference all week-end, and I would fly from Prague to meet up with him there. We would then take a flight across the ocean together and end up in Chicago this evening.

Well...that didn't happen.

The plane that was supposed to come in to Prague didn't make it due to technical reasons. So I didn't end up leaving Prague for several hours, which meant I'd missed the flight and Dave in Munich. He had to get on the flight without me as he has JV meetings right away tomorrow morning.

Eventually I made it to Munich in the late afternoon, and rushed off the plane to the service center (glad I've been here about a hundred times and know where it is). The line behind me quickly piled up as this man worked on rebooking me.

"There are no more flights to Chicago today so I'll have to rebook you tomorrow morning." And with that I was destined for an overnight in Munich. Thanks for the free hotel Lufthansa!

I wound my way through the airport and out to the bus stop, along with a whole bunch of others, to be taken to our hotel for the night.

While this hasn't happened to me a lot of times over the past thirty years, it has happened a few times and those were always really pleasant experiences actually.

So as we passed by the airport, with the sun shining and trees with their fall leaves glowing, I was expectant about the rest of the day and overnight.

We drove and drove and drove...I should've taken pictures of all the fields we passed.

Finally we arrived at what I can only say is a tired hotel.

With one man working the desk, we all waited in line for our room for the night.

One couple got their room, and while I was still standing in line, came back to say that someone was already in there...with a lot of clothes strewn about, as well as food on the floor.

"This could be interesting," I thought to myself!

All the while as I waited for my room it wasn't just the tiredness of the hotel that struck me. It was a smell. One that was hard to identify, it seemed to have an "old pasta" smell. That didn't make me look forward to dinner (that was also "complementary"!).

After getting my key I headed down the hall and ran into a very fitting vending machine to this whole hotel scenario.

I don't know why but it totally gave me the giggles! I was still giggling (and I mean, out loud!) an hour later. This TOTALLY sums up the hotel.

Well...and maybe the dark hallway that's leading to my room...yeah, that kind of sums it up too.

And the stripes on the carpet? Who thought that was a good idea??!!

I must say that the room was clean, if a bit sparse. But hey, it's a bed! And I've got my own pillow in my carry-on so I'll be okay.

The view out back wasn't too bad either.

Though the chair in the room leaves a bit to be desired (it would be great out on a patio, but in a hotel room?).

I WILL give them props for the hot water heater, and free tea and instant coffee!

The guy at the Lufthansa desk had specially written on my voucher that I was a Gold card member of Star Alliance, telling me that I'd be able to have whatever I wanted for dinner at no extra cost. This left me thinking about steak or grilled chicken, with some nice side dishes.

Instead, there was one choice on the buffet table.

It wasn't old pasta! But it also wasn't very appetizing, though I made myself eat. I'm thankful there was at least salad!

And finally, I discovered what the smell was...a smell that truly penetrates throughout the whole hotel.

A nice big pot of tomato soup. That is probably on the menu every day. No telling for how many years.

Well, I'm at least tucked away for the night and thankful that I'm not on a bench in the airportl! The Lord is totally taking care of me and I'm honestly having a great time. Especially when I remember the vending machine!


  1. Oh Con!!!! What an insane adventure. You are the consummate missionary and I am soooo proud of you (and I know that your Father is too!) for rolling with the punches, smells and all. I'd sum it up by saying that you said NO LESS THAN YES!!!!! :o)

  2. p.s. These are the stories that will probably make their way into your next week, eh?! :o) I love your "go-get-em" adventurous spirit!

  3. Oh my goodness, the unglamorous side of travel. It can truly be a long and uncomfortable process to get from one continent to another. It kind of takes on a life of its own and no other life exists once you enter the "overseas flight zone". Thanks for sharing!

  4. Dear Connie, thank you for sharing every detail. Lina and I got a good chuckle out of it as well.