Friday, October 27, 2017

Radiating His Presence

We woke up to this sight this morning!

Up in Golden, Colorado to see some new friends, we spent the night and woke up to a fresh covering of snow. Of course it didn't last, but it's my first sighting of snow this season!

Our friends invited over their neighbor this morning to share breakfast with us. He has quite a story!

A Jewish Czech, he and his family fled to Canada in 1939, leaving behind his grandma who was later sent to Auchwitz and gassed. He told us many stories about his life, and showed us one of the only things that he brought with him as a five year old...this Czech book of fairy tales.

Sadly, he doesn't know the Lord, but is regularly being ministered to by our friends, and I prayed for him as we were together, that one day he would know the Lord Jesus Christ as his Savior.

Do any of my Czech friends recognize this story?!

After saying goodbye to them, we drove back down to Englewood to have lunch with Dave's mom and dad.

We treasure every time we get with them!

And then we were off to Vail, Colorado to see more friends for the evening and night. Since all the golden leaves on the aspens are gone already, I had to comfort myself with a painting at their house!

I'm thankful for all these touches with people that we are having while in the States - both with believers and non-believers. I pray our lives always radiate the presence of Christ, no matter where we are or who we are with!

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