Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Family Night in Jackson

Many years ago the Lord knit our hearts together with a dear family in Jackson, Wyoming who have become like family to us. It's always a joy to see them, especially when we get to share a family night with all of them in their home!

New addition to the family...Chego the adorable dog!

Tonight it was not only Dave and I here to be with them, but Claire as well. Oh how these three adore each other!

Since it's the night after Halloween, fairy wings are still in circulation!  So for part of the evening, at the prompting of Sarah, their almost five year old, we had to model them for the camera! What's more fun than wearing fairy wings, I ask you?!

Family night continued with an incredible meal around their table, and so much fun conversation with the parents and their four kids.

"Dessert" was a first for Claire ... artichokes, dipped in mayo! We called it dessert because those things take a LONG time to boil so weren't ready in time for dinner. But honestly, it was way more fun savoring them separately, with much laughter and fun as we discussed the finer points of how best to eat an artichoke leaf!

After dinner, family night continued in the living room for some music time. Ginger and I are getting pretty good at playing duets together ... and Dave likes to join in and sing with us!

All four kids are talented musically, even little Sarah who is just starting on the violin!

Conversation happened happily throughout the evening!

The whole evening was pure delight as kids and parents let us join their family in talking about ways they want to keep growing in their relationships with each other. It's special to listen to even the youngest ones talk about ways they can do a better job at that.

This is an amazing family and we're thankful we get to be a part of it!

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