Thursday, August 16, 2018

Balm for the Soul

On Tuesday night, when Tyler, Lara and the boys came to celebrate my birthday, they left with an extra passenger in their car.

Kaylee is spending her "vacation" in Ostrava with Judah, Asher and their parents! 😂 She is being taken care of very happily by the boys, each of them eager to have a turn at holding her leash as they take her for walks every day.

"Thanks for having her as your "guest" Tyler, Lara, Judah and Asher!"

While the boys and Kaylee are having a vacation, of sorts, together, Dave and I are off on our vacation too.

Leaving early this morning, we made a few stops along the way as we headed down to Croatia.

I tell you, McDonalds just keeps upping their game! It's actually a nice place to get a quick bite to eat, and even a few treats as well.

The roads were surprisingly empty of traffic as we drove, with almost no wait at the border. That's a bonus to our 12 hour drive today.

As we drove we were talking about which spots along the way say "We're almost there".

One of them is definitely here.

This nearly 6 kilometer long tunnel pierces through the gigantic mountain range that then drops down into the Zadar coastal region, about two hours from Split where we catch the ferry over to Hvar. It's like dropping into a whole other world when you get to the other side.

It's especially beautiful when you drive into the sunset!

We stopped at one of our most favorite restaurants in Croatia, which happens to be at a rest stop.

Odmoriste-Krka is a beautiful stop with many different options for food, drink, ice cream and souvenirs. Above the Krka river that leads out to the Adriatic, and near Skradin, the town below where you can enter Krka National Park and see the beautiful waterfalls, it never disappoints!

A short hour's drive from there, we finally arrived into Split and found our little room for the night, before we continue on tomorrow to Hvar. Day one of vacation was balm for the soul!

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