Friday, August 10, 2018

Away for the Weekend

Another beautiful summer morning; another plane ride to catch.

I'm doing something today that I've never done before. I'm traveling to the States for just a week-end.

I left home at 7 this morning and drove to Krakow; from there I flew to Frankfurt, and then landed here.

Why come to sunny Denver, Colorado?

To be here for my beautiful niece's wedding tomorrow!!!

Kyrie is the daughter of David and Joyce Schroeder (my Dave's sister) and tomorrow she'll become the wife of her beloved groom, Jacob!

Though it's a long ways to come for a wedding, I wouldn't miss it for the world!

It was precious to be here for the wedding rehearsal dinner this evening, being with many family members and dear friends, getting to be here for things like meaningful speeches from some of Kyrie's siblings.

Kyrie and her husband-to-be met at Corban college in Salem, Oregon and started dating several years ago. Jacob graduated last year, and Kyrie just graduated in May. And now they're getting married1

Not only do I get to be here for Kyrie and Jacob, but also with these very precious friends!

I met these ladies 34 years ago when I served on my first summer missionary team! Little did I know then that Joyce (on the right) would become my sister-in-law, and Jerri (on the left) would be my maid of honor!

And now here we are all these years later, celebrating together the wedding of Joyce's daughter, my niece!

It's a joy and privilege to get to be here this week-end.

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  1. Ahhhh! This is great!!! Thank you so much for blogging these special days! I’ve been checking your blog, knowing you would.