Saturday, August 4, 2018

Fusion Day

On this very hot Saturday afternoon, I drove over to the town of Čeladná for their annual music festival.

If you look off to the far right of the above picture, near the fire engine, you'll see two lovely young ladies.

These are the ones I came to meet up with this afternoon!

Claire's friend, Kaci, has been serving as a JV summer intern in Slovenia. She just finished her internship two days ago so came up to stay with Claire for a few days before she flies back to the States to continue at Moody Bible Institute.

So why did the three of us meet up at a summer music festival?

Because our church's Fusion choir had a performance there!

Though not all the students who regularly attend throughout the school year could be there, they still had enough to put on a great concert on the big venue stage!

Claire and Kaci even made it onto the jumbotron screen as they followed Fusion in their dance steps!

Just a few hours later, the three of us drove into Ostrava for yet another Fusion concert.

Some sweet little faces greeted us there. 😉

Tyler, Lara, Judah and Asher have been away this past week at their church's Fusion camp. I've missed them!

And was delighted to come see their Fusion choir perform both dance and songs this afternoon.

Wow, did they ever do an amazing concert! I think the world of JV's Fusion highway of ministry, and wish we'd developed it earlier on when I could have been involved! It's such a brilliant way of reaching young people with the Gospel through something that they enjoy so much.

During the concert, Judah melted my heart by wanting to stay up close to me.

At one point when I was pointing out his little Czech friend and her grandma, I said to him, "That's Mia's 'Nonnie'" (though of course Mia calls her the Czech name for grandma).

Judah leaned his head over onto my shoulder and said, "And that's MY Nonnie". Cue the music and pass the Kleenex. What a heart melter!

As is this little fellow!

Where was Lara during the concert?

She was IN the choir! All during camp she rehearsed with them, learning the music and motions. It was so beautiful to see her there in amongst the young people.

This was their family's first camp together, and they said they loved it!

And this guy? He's already on his way to being a Fusion drummer someday!

Though it was absolutely sweltering this afternoon, there is no place I would have rather been than at these two Fusion concerts, seeing people I love!

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