Thursday, August 9, 2018

Bounty of Summer

Another scorching hot summer day in Frýdlant; but oh so pretty too!

Because of all the road construction in town these days, if I want to go to my regular grocery store and drugstore, I have to take a back road to get there.

Today while driving on it I actually took notice of what is on that road rather than just going from Point A to Point B. Today I decided to stop to get out at a certain spot.

For my brother, Mike (who works for Glory Bee honey in Oregon!), this is for you!

Look at all those beautiful hives!!

This was as close as I dared to walk, given that there were thousands of bees swarming around the hives.

But it was just so cool to stand there and watch, knowing those bees were hard at work making honey. I wonder if and where the owners of these hives sell it?? Would be so fun to try it!

This evening I went out on my regular walk with Kaylee, and wandered into the field next to us because...

We've got wild blackberries there!

Not only that but we've got a bunch cucumbers on the vine in our garden.

And a lot of peppers that have just suddenly come to life!

There are onions and garlic in the garden now, and lots of zucchini and squash too. I love having the bounty of the earth right outside my door!

I'm off on a little adventure tomorrow, so enjoyed soaking up the sights and sounds of home today!

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  1. Wow thanks for the beehive pictures. Those look like the Lyson polystyrene beehives. We don't see those much in the US so it's fun to see they use these in Europe.