Friday, August 17, 2018

Fifty Seven

My 57th birthday began this morning in sunny Split, Croatia!

Dave and I traveled down here from Czech yesterday, spent the night in a Pepto Bismol colored room last night (think PINK!!!) and then headed down to the ferry to go across to the island of Hvar.

During our years of family vacation between 2008-2011, I spent four birthdays in a row on Hvar as we camped on the south side with our kids and dear friends. I was here for one other birthday three years ago when Caleb and Haley had finished their JV summer internship.

And now today - I'm back here in this place I love so much!

Some things haven't changed here, like that beautiful view of the harbor at sunset.

But some things have dairy free ice cream that's now available on the waterfront. WHAT???!!! How could this possibly be so good and yet be dairy free??!!!

While birthdays spent with family and friends have always been so sweet, it's special to be just with Dave today...especially because he's spoiling me! 😉

He's game for all the pictures that I want to take.

And game to just sit here as the sun sets and people watch!!

He let me wander through a very cool exhibition being held in the old Arsenal, a building that was originally completed in 1331! It served as a shipyard, but later as a theatre that's known to be one of the oldest in Europe.

Right now it's housing a gallery of modern art that is quite impressive! I really enjoyed walking through it all.

With no time schedule or restraints on my birthday, we wandered through the streets of Hvar Town, enjoying the warm summer evening and more people watching.

With Dave giving me the choice of where to eat for my birthday, I chose to come to this side of the harbor.

While there are some things that I like to try new, when it comes to my birthday, I like something that I know is good. And this is it!

If I have the choice, I'll choose lamb every time! Oh there is just nothing like it here in Croatia, fresh off the wood grill!

Not only that, but it's at a restaurant that we visited just a few weeks ago when we were here with our friends - so I knew it would be a good one!

Seating is tight and limited here, but the waiter tucked us into a table for two and we had the sweetest dinner together.

And believe it or not, our table was one of the only ones with a fresh rose on it...a birthday perk!

Thank you Dave for making my day so special, and thank you to many family and friends who sent birthday greetings one way or another. They all meant so much to me!

Thank you Mom and Dad for having me! 😉

And thank you Father, for being the giver of life...fifty seven years ago, and still to this day.

I'm grateful to be alive, and plan to live this coming year with my heart aligned to all He has for me, full of joy, prayer, love and devotion to the Giver of Life!

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  1. It looks like the perfect setting for a relaxed but memorable birthday.