Monday, August 27, 2018


Oh the goodness of an unplugged vacation!

Before we left home in Czech, I was praying about our vacation and asking the Lord what He had for me during these days away. And honestly, I didn't know His answer.

Until we got there.

He wanted me to unplug, be quiet and rest, receiving a daily dose of his love and care.

That came in so many ways, most of them simple.

Waking up on our little boat every day; a calm bay; deep night's sleep every night; a simple breakfast; breathtaking views.

These were a few things that nourished my body and soul.

As did the salty sea, the warm air, and peaceful sounds.

We motored out two hours from Hvar, to the island of Lastovo again. It's an island that was closed to foreigners until just 1988 because of the military base there.

Today it's a peaceful, untouched island of beauty that we find very relaxing.

Day after day we motored out to one particular cove to read, sleep, think, pray, swim and talk with each other. It was a little taste of heaven, being so close to the Lord in his gorgeous creation.

I'm not sure how no one else came to this spot the whole time we were there, but I was thankful. This is just one reason why having a small boat can get into places that the big boats can't!

One evening we stayed until after the sun went down and I captured this shot on our way back to the peaceful bay for the night.

Due to a storm that was coming in, we had to leave earlier than planned, but that was okay since our house on Hvar that is usually rented out all summer, had this week free. Since Dave has to buckle down this week to work on his teaching for JV Fall conference, it's a blessing to be on firm ground while he studies!

The benefit of unplugging in God's beautiful creation here was seemingly hundred fold! We slept deeply, communed with the Lord and each other, filled our mental, emotional and spiritual tanks, and hopefully stored up resources in our souls for what's ahead in the coming months.

I am deeply thankful for these precious days away with my dear Dave!

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