Wednesday, August 1, 2018

The Back Road

With Dave gone to Slovenia this week for JV country leader training, I'm at home in Czech getting time with friends and teammates, working on some projects, and driving back roads home when I'm out and about!

Today I'd already taken one back road and that was a mistake! While I'd heard there was road work being done, I had no idea the extent of it. WOW. I feel for all the people who live on or near that road. Taking that route meant my journey was twice as long as usual to get to my destination.

But when another back road presented itself later in the day I thought "Why not?"

This road was delightfully empty so I even had to time to stop and get out for pictures. I seriously did a double take when driving by that field and seeing those scarecrows!

And then there was the proverbial chicken crossing the road.

In this case I truly think he was crossing the road just to get to the other side, as that's where the rest of the flock was hanging out. 🤣 (If you're Czech and reading this, I'm talking about a standard joke that starts with "Why did the chicken cross the road?" 😀)

The forest was lovely. And the view from the meadow, peaceful - even though it's looking into the Ostrava valley. But from up here, it's just birds, chickens and cows making the noises and smells!

There are dozens and dozens of "chaty a chalupy" (beautiful Czech cottages) on this back road.

Every one of them is unique, and for sure has a story attached. I wish I could stop and hear those stories!

But for today, I just enjoyed the back road and the serenity of typically beautiful Czech countryside.

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